by Dr. Madalene Heng MD, FRACP, FACD, FAAD

Oral Treatment

Oral Treatment
  • Keflex® or appropriate antibiotic for the bacterial superinfection until clear (usually in 4 months, longer for palms and soles). If skin cultures are positive for MRSA infection (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection, other appropriate antibiotics, or even intravenous vancomycin may be necessary.
      • Diflucan® (Fluconazole) 200 mg once a week for scalp and groin until clear (usually 4 months for the scalp, about 2 months for groin and axilla).
      • Zinc supplements: These are useful since psoriasis uses up your zinc reserve. At least 40 mg daily of zinc may be helpful.

You may refer to the National Institute of Health website for more information on the drugs and vitamin supplements mentioned above.