by Dr. Madalene Heng MD, FRACP, FACD, FAAD

Phosphorylase Kinase

Psoria-Gold Phosphorylase KinaseBlocking Phosphorylase Kinase Activity

Since Psoriasis is due to the psoriatic patient's inability to "switch off" 
phosphorylase kinase (Ph-K) activity, it is important to investigate how to block Ph-K activity, and slow down the energy supply to the rapidly dividing cells. If the epidermal turnover is too rapid, the barrier function is compromised, and sheds as much as every 4-6 days, as opposed to every 60 days in normal skin. An effective phosphorylase kinase inhibitor is curcumin gel. 

It has been found that curcumin gel (Psoria-Gold®) is a selective phosphorylase kinase inhibitor (Reddy 1994) which switches off phosphorylase kinase activity, thus allowing the Ki-67+ psoriatic cells to undergo apoptosis, leading to normalization of its proliferative activity, and resolution of the psoriatic epidermis (Heng MCY et al. Elevated phosphorylase kinase activity in psoriatic epidermis: correlation with increased phosphorylation and psoriatic activity. British Journal of Dermatology 1994;130:298-306; Heng MCY et al. Drug-induced suppression of phosphorylase kinase activity correlates with resolution of psoriasis as assessed by clinical, histological and immnohistochemical parameters. British Journal of Dermatology 2000;143:937-949.

You may refer the National Institute of Health website for information on topical Curcumin derived from Turmeric.